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October 26, 2016





Los Angeles, CA (October 26, 2016) – The award-winning Monster Elementary team is back for more!

After the successful direct market debut of Monster Elementary, winner of the 2015 Gold Medal for Best Humor Graphic Novel at the Independent Publisher Book Awards, the Monster Elementary team continues the story of Desmodus, Lukos, Francesca, Rags and Gilda with Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse!, available now at

comic shops across the country.

Written and created by Nicholas Doan and edited by Gwendolyn Dreyer, Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse! picks up right where we left our five young monsters. No, the FBI hasn't reopened their exclusive monsters-only private school. Yes, our five monsters are still trying to fit in among the "normals" at Kinghaven Elementary, a human public school. In addition to the navigating the daily horrors of Kinghaven, the gang solves mysteries in a ghost town, fends off a home invasion from a snooping classmate and in the titular story, travels to the Egyptian desert on an epic quest to finally find Rags’ parents.

The Monster Elementary series is an all-ages comedy adventure featuring classic horror movie archetypes – the Vampire, the Werewolf, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon – reimagined as elementary school students. But rule #1: Don't eat the other students no matter how tasty they might be. And rule #2: Avoid Vanessa Elle Sing, their classmate who is also a monster hunter out to expose the new kids.

Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse!, like its predecessor, is a series of short stories, all written by Doan and illustrated by a team of rotating artists, including Cal Moray, Lee-Roy Lahey, Bobby Timony, Christopher Tupa, Patty Variboa, Patrick Ian Moss, Jimena Sanchez, Daniele Serra, and Josh Gowdy.

“The creation of the first Monster Elementary graphic novel was so satisfying, before we even finished, I knew there needed to be more Monster Elementary books,” said Doan. “We’ve created such a rich backstory for these monsters, they’re practically yelling at me to tell more stories about them. And in the big finale of Volume 2, “The Egyptian Curse!”, I had the opportunity to turn a young boy’s feelings about adoption into a monstrous adventure to Egypt. I couldn’t be more thrilled on how humorous, exciting and touching it turned out.”

Doan cites as his influences for the Monster Elementary series Charles Schulz's Peanuts, Jhonen Vasquez's Invader Zim, and the classic Universal Monsters.

Both Monster Elementary and Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse! were successfully funded via Kickstarter. “Kickstarter was a wild and emotional ride the first time and round two proved to be just as challenging and rewarding,” said Doan. “To know that there are so many other people out there that want to see more stories about these monsters is overwhelming. This process of working directly with the public to bring my creative dreams to life makes this the most rewarding project I’ve ever worked on. Every single backer has earned my respect and gratitude.”

Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse! is priced at $22.99 and is available for purchase at comic shops across the country, where there is a preview, and Monster Elementary is also available for purchase from the same locations.

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The first Monster Elementary graphic novel was funded by Kickstarter backers on August 7, 2013 after a hard fought, 30 day campaign. Since it was independently published in the spring of 2014, this 92 page graphic novel has gone on to win the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2015 Gold Medal for best “Graphic Novel / Drawn Book – Humor / Cartoon History (U.S.)” Monster Elementary became a bona fide series in 2016 with the release of their second graphic novel, Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse! The Monster Elementary creative team is managed by Co-Creator and Writer Nicholas Doan and his wife, Editor and Business Manager Gwendolyn Dreyer. Monster Elementary utilizes short story, anthology-style storytelling which allows for a sizable cast of the most talented independent artists - a signature element of Monster Elementary.


Nicholas Doan is the Co-Creator and Writer of the award-winning, all-ages, comedy/adventure comic series Monster Elementary and the author of three children’s books for Fat Rabbit Farm. He was the first ever user-submitted contest winner for DC/Zuda Comics along with artist Daniele Serra for their webcomic, “Pray for Death.” Nicholas has also collaborated with artist Josh Gowdy for their short comic, “Lost Boy,” in the Drawmore Inc. anthology, NOBODIES, Vol. 2. In addition, Nicholas is an accomplished playwright and card carrying member of the Dramatists Guild.

TITLE: Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse! CREATORS: Nicholas Doan and Caanan Grall

WRITER: Nicholas Doan

ARTISTS: Cal Moray, Lee-Roy Lahey, Bobby Timony, Christopher Tupa, Patty Variboa, Patrick Ian Moss, Jimena Sanchez, Daniele Serra, and Josh Gowdy

PUBLISHER: Space Goat Publishing DATE OF PUBLICATION: October 26, 2016 RETAIL PRICE: $22.99 US (Trade Paperback) ISBN-13: 978-1-941581-92-6 PAGES: 100


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