ICv2: Space Goat Picks Up Kickstarter Kids Title "Monster Elementary"

Space Goat Productions has signed a deal to publish Monster Elementary, an all-ages adventure title that has had two graphic novels funded on Kickstarter. Written and created by Nicholas Doan and drawn by a rotating group of artists including Caanan Grall, Christopher Tupa, Josh Gowdy, Cal Moray, Patty Variboa, Lee-Roy Lahey, Bobby Timony, and Daniele Serra, the short stories in the graphic novels bring together horror movie archetypes as elementary school students. Gwendolyn Dreyer edited the stories and designed the books.

“The monsters’ adventures and experiences hiding their identities and growing up are the focal point of my stories,” Doan said. “Desmodus, Lukos, Francesca, Rags, and Gilda are monsters, but they’re also kids dealing with real-life issues that every kid faces: bullying, homework, and being hunted down by a classmate with a wooden stake.”

Two Monster Elementary graphic novel collections were released to Kickstarter backers, in 2013 and 2015, each raising around $20,000. The books were not released to the trade at that time. Now, Space Goat has plans to sample the material and then release the first graphic novel at San Diego Comic-Con.

An eight page Monster Elementary story will appear in Space Goat’s Dark Lily and Friends Free Comic Book Day anthology, releasing May 7. Then a one-shot comic, Monster Elementary: First Semester will be released in June at a bargain $2.99 MSRP, leading into the first graphic novel release in June. Source: ICv2: Space Goat Picks Up Kickstarter Kids Title "Monster Elementary"

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