HorrorTalk: Help Get More Horror Comics for Kids with Monster Elementary

I've said it before, but finding horror comics for kids is tough. The options are pretty limited. Fortunately, there have been a handful of titles that have popped up in recent years such as Oddly Normal or C is for Cthulhu. Writer Nicholas Doan is doing his parts to keep kids entertained with the macabre with Monster Elementary. He's turned to Kickstarter to fund the second graphic novel in the series, entitled Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse. Doan had previously used the crowd funding platform to successfully finance the first volume of the book in 2013.

Monster Elementary follows five monster children, each inspired by classic monster movie archetypes. You've got vampire Desmodus, werewolf Lukos, Frankenstein monster Francesca, mummy Rags, and lagoon monster Gilda. These kids are forced to attend a regular human public school after their monsters-only private school was raided by the FBI. Imagine their dismay when they learn they're not allowed to eat any of the other students. Monster Elementary deals with the adventures and experiences the kids go through while hiding their identities and growing up.

“One of the really magical things about running the first Kickstarter is that it was just the beginning,” says Doan. “We didn’t just make a book and say, ‘Okay. We’re done!’ We kept going. We went to comic book conventions, met a lot of new fans and saw the response from people. We saw kids come to us with their beat up copies that they loved so much. That was really rewarding for the whole creative team. Then, at the end of May this year, I and other members of the Monster Elementary team went to New York to accept a gold medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards for the best humor graphic novel. It’s pretty incredible to see the reaction, meet the people who have really been moved by the book, and receive recognition for our work.”

Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse is a planned 90-95 page graphic novel collecting a series of short stories that range in length from 1 to 22 pages, illustrated by a number of different artists including Lee-Roy Lahey, Cal Morey, Christopher Tupa, and Patty Variboa. More artists are still to be announced.

"I was a kid once. We were all a kid once. We all remember how weird and awkward that is,” says Doan. “Using the monsters like this shines a light on how we feel different and how we don't fit in when the fact of the matter is, we're all just people."

The Kickstarter campaign is in its final stretch and is about $5,700 shy of its $19,000 goal. If you're on the fence about the project, Doan has put the first 28 pages of Monster Elementary: Volume 1 up for you to check out for free on the book's site. Backers can choose from rewards such as digital or physical copies of the first and second volumes, t-shirts, prints, and more. The campaign ends on August 5th, 2015.

Source: HorrorTalk: Help Get More Horror Comics for Kids with Monster Elementary

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