Comicosity: Kickstarter Watch - July 13, 2015

Kickstarter is a wild and crazy place, with well over a hundred comics campaigns going on at any given time. Each week, Kickstarter Watch is going to highlight five campaigns that are currently active. Some will be funded, some will be well on their way, and others will just be embarking on their adventure to become realized. If you are a fan of crowdfunding, definitely take a peek at the books highlighted below!

THE SECRET LOVES OF GEEK GIRLS Campaign created by Hope Nicholson Goal: $37,000 (currently 244% funded) Days Left: 11 Link:

Reasons to check it out: The Secret Loves of Geek Girls is an anthology of stories created by female creators about love, dating and sex. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, Jen Vaughn, Kate Leth, Sam Maggs, Tini Howard and many, many more! The book is already funded and will weigh in around 250 pages.

MOLLY DANGER: THE ONGOING SERIES Campaign created by Jamal Igle Goal: $30,000 (currently 65% funded) Days Left: 6 Link:

Reasons to check it out: Jamal Igle is a proven pro and Molly Danger is a comic worth your attention. Molly’s a superpowered 10 year old taking on The Supermechs.

THE SUNDAY COMICS Campaign created by Golden Bell Goal: $30,000 (currently 41% funded) Days Left: 23 Link:

Reasons to check it out: There are over 200 creators involved with this unique project, including Dean Haspiel, Butch Guice, S.M. Viduarri and many, many more! This unique project will bring both a huge hardcover and a periodical featuring some of the greatest comic strips ever, and original content!

MONSTER ELEMENTARY: VOL. 2 Campaign created by Nicholas Doan Goal: $19,000 (currently 15% funded) Days Left: 23 Link:

Reasons to check it out: Monster Elementary Vol. 2 sends the kids to public school! A vampire, werewolf, mummy and more head to an elementary school to get an education and try to fit in. The first volume of this series is an award winner for Best Humor Graphic Novel, and this just looks cute as can be.

SEPTEMBER MOURNING Campaign created by Top Cow Productions Goal: $10,000 (currently 77% funded) Days Left: 28 Link:

Reasons to check it out: Writer Mariah McCourt and artist Sumeyye Kesgin bring readers a goth, music enriched tale with some serious attitude. It has publisher backing from Top Cow Productions, so distribution should be easy for those concerned about seeing a final product. September Mourning is half human/half reaper and the book features a cast filled with sorcerors and mystical beings that falls right into what readers enjoy from Top Cow’s line of books.

Source: Comicosity: Kickstarter Watch - July 13, 2015

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