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Monster Elementary Excerpt

May 8, 2014



Los Angeles, CA (May 8, 2014) – After a successful Kickstarter campaign spearheaded by writer Nicholas Doan, Monster Elementary, an all-ages graphic novel, is now available for purchase online.

Monster Elementary is a fun, witty, comedy/adventure comic for children of all ages written by Doan featuring five monster children based on classic monster movie archetypes.

  • Desmodus is a vampire child that looks down on humankind. He is the leader of this group. He loves being a monster and all the powers and privileges that come with it. Des wears a daylight ring that allows him to walk safely in the sunlight.

  • Lukos is a boy werewolf and Des' best friend. He usually has to rein Des in and keep Des from doing anything drastic. Lukos has developed an unhealthy addiction to juice boxes.

  • Francesca was assembled in a laboratory by her mother. She has a very simple view of life, a big heart, and doesn't understand why others are afraid of her.

  • Rags is a mummy that doesn't really know who he is underneath his wrappings. His identity issues lead him to try on different personalities.

  • Gilda is a fun-loving lagoon monster. She has an untainted view of her world and has never even considered what other people might think of her. Gilda proudly and happily marches to the beat of a different drummer.

These five monster children are forced to attend a human public school after their monsters-only private school is raided by the FBI. To their surprise, they're not allowed to eat any of the other students. The monsters’ adventures and experiences hiding their identities and growing up are the focal point of the book.

Monster Elementary is 92 pages and contains a series of short stories that range in length from 1 to 22 pages illustrated by a rotating cast of artists:

  • Canaan Grall (Eisner nominated webcomic “Max Overacts,” DC/Zuda’s Celadore)

  • Lee-Roy Lahey (Storyboards for Charlie Kaufman’s “Anomalisa”)

  • Cal Moray (Publishing newcomer with a background in animation)

  • Josh Gowdy (Comic Book Resources’ “The Line It Is Drawn,” Drawmore Inc.’s Nobodies: Vol. 2, Monkeybrain’s Skinned)

  • Christopher Tupa (Self-published cartoonist and illustrator, Hi There Mr. Moon)

  • Patty Variboa (Fat Rabbit Farm’s Babee and the Valley of the Hungry Ninjas and Big T’s Big Adventure)

  • Daniele Serra (Best Artist - British Fantasy Awards 2012, Image’s Fade to Black, DC/Zuda’s “Pray for Death”)

  • Bobby Timony (DC/Zuda’s The Night Owls, Monkeybrain’s Detectobot)

Monster Elementary features cover art by Caanan Grall and additional colors by Nick Tierce, Paul Manchester and Lilit Atshemyan. The book was edited, designed and has additional letters by Gwendolyn Dreyer, Doan’s wife.

Monster Elementary was originally created by Doan and Grall together 5 years ago, back when they both worked for Zuda Comics, DC Comics’ short lived webcomics imprint. “I was surrounded by all of this great talent that Zuda had managed to collect,” said Doan. “I was a big fan of Caanan’s Zuda webcomic, Celadore, and I thought he would be the perfect artist to collaborate with for another submission to Zuda. Once he agreed to a collaboration, I pitched him Monster Elementary and he responded enthusiastically. After working on the concept for a while, we realized that Monster Elementary needed to be in print. In 2011, we landed a contract with a major publisher and had to turn down an offer from a second publisher. Unfortunately, something out of my control caused Monster Elementary to be canceled and the publisher we had turned down was no longer interested. And shortly after that, Caanan had to move on from Monster Elementary due to other commitments. Regardless of all of these setbacks, I was determined to make Monster Elementary a reality. So I set out to find more artists and a publisher willing to give us a chance. But then, Kickstarter came along and changed the comics industry. I could publish it myself and make sure that Monster Elementary was finally in print.”

The Monster Elementary Kickstarter campaign started on July 8, 2013 and ended on August 7, 2013. Doan asked for $19,000 to publish the book and ended up receiving $20,065 with 436 financial backers.

“I was so overwhelmed when the Kickstarter campaign ended,” said Doan. “I had been trying for years to give Monster Elementary the chance at success I knew it deserved. Having the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign meant that my journey with Monster Elementary was finally going to culminate in a published book.”

“The response to the book has been phenomenal from both kids and adults,” says Dreyer. “We launched the book at our own Small Press booth at Wondercon Anaheim a few weeks ago and parents are contacting us saying their kid can’t put the book down. A Facebook fan called it the ‘best purchase of WonderCon!’ A parent told us that their kid wears his Monster Elementary button to school every day. We are constantly being asked when the second book will be for sale.”

Monster Elementary is priced at $20 and is available for purchase at where there is an eight page preview. Prints and t-shirts are also available for purchase.

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Nicholas Doan is an accomplished playwright and author of two children’s books for Fat Rabbit Farm with a third currently in production. He was the first ever user-submitted contest winner for Zuda Comics along with artist Daniele Serra for their webcomic, “Pray for Death,” which can be read on Doan has also collaborated with artist Josh Gowdy for their short comic, “Lost Boy,” in the Drawmore Inc. anthology, NOBODIES, Vol. 2.


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