io9: Crowdfund Cinefex on the iPad, zombie ants, and monster school kids

Monster Elementary Preview Panel

The magazine that pulled back the curtain on movie special effects, Cinefex, is making its move to the iPad, and you have a chance to nab the entire digital archive. Plus, a group of scientists want to bring zombie ants to your living room (figuratively speaking), and two funny horror comics are headed to print.

Cinefex Classic Collection for iPad

Since 1980, Cinefex Magazine has taken us behind the scenes of special effects and animation in film. It documented the secrets of our most magical movie moments long before the existence of DVD extras. Now they are looking to make all 126 back issues and future issues of the magazine available on the iPad, creating a digital archive of the magazine. At various pledge levels, backers receive full runs of digital issues featuring in-depth coverage of Star Wars movies, Star Trek movies, and stop-motion animated movies. For a $285 pledge, backers can get all 126 back issues.

Bringing zombie ants to life!

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (better known by its former name Cordyceps unilateralis) has gotten a lot of attention of late thanks to the zombie video game The Last of Us. This parasitic fungus hijacks ants and controls their behavior until it finally bursts from the ant's body. A group of scientists that studies the zombie ant phenomenon wants to make their research more visibly accessible to the public:

Our KickStarter project has two main goals: (1) create an open access photographic exhibition of zombie ants from around the world and (2) develop innovative educational materials that involve students in the process of doing science. We need Kickstarter to help us travel to field sites in Borneo, Uganda, Vietnam, Brazil, and Louisiana, U.S.A. to photograph and collect zombie ants and to study how and why ants get infected. Along the way we will bring you with us- through video updates from the field, blog posts, and Q&A sessions with our scientists.

Once back, we will turn material from the expeditions into lasting (and free!) photographic and educational resources. Your thoughts will be an integral part of this- we will engage people throughout the discovery and record what parts of the natural history most fascinate you.

For a $25 pledge, backers will receive a zombie ant photograph along with an explanation of the science behind the photo.

Monster Elementary: An All-Ages Graphic Novel

Nicholas Doan writes and Canaan Grall (of the fabulous Max Overacts) draws this 90-page graphic novel about five monster children that are forced to attend a human public school after their monsters-only private school is raided by the FBI. If you want to try before you back, Doan has made the first six issues of the comic available for free through the digital app Emanata. For an $8 pledge, backers receive a PDF of Monster Elementary. For a $25 pledge, they'll get the print book.

Broodhollow Book 1: Curious Little Thing

We love Broodhollow, Kris Straub's delightfully creepy webcomic about a paranoid encyclopedia salesman who comes to a small town to claim his inheritance. But Broodhollow, the town of a thousand holidays, may hold some supernatural secrets beneath its cheerful facade. For a $9 pledge, backers receive a PDF of the book and Straub's assurance that vengeful wraiths will not come for them in the night. For a $33 pledge, backers receive a softcover book, plus PDFs of the book, sketches, and story roughs. You're on your own with the wraiths.

Source: io9: Crowdfund Cinefex on the iPad, zombie ants, and monster school kids

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