Bleeding Cool: Kickstart From The Heart – Wrapping Up San Diego Comic Con

Bleeding Cool’s Kickstarter Correspondent, Shawn Demumbrum has lead three Kickstarter campaigns to launch comic books, two successfully funded and one that wasn’t. Each week he will point out some of the unique Kickstarter projects that wouldn’t normally be published by the big comic book companies, but deserve your attention. Shawn is the Manager of Comic Book Programming for the Phoenix Comicon. He is currently working on the Nothing Can Stop Me Now: Stories Inspired by the Songs of Nine Inch Nails.

One of the great things about attending San Diego Comic-Con is being able to meet creators who make the comics I love. It’s also a great place to promote and launch your Kickstarter project. I caught up with a few current and former Comic Book Kickstarter campaign creators.

Even before I stepped in the door, I had scheduled some meetings and meetups with creators to talk about their Kickstarter projects. The first creator to contact me was Nick Doan. Nick is in the middle of a 30-day campaign for his all ages book Monster Elementary. I sat down with Nick in the middle of the convention on the Sail Pavilions to film our interview. I apologize in advance for the poor lighting.

I stopped by the Boom! Studios booth several times in the two days. During one of those stops, Paul Jenkins was signing copies of FairyQuest. I didn’t recognize him without his Owly hat, bathroom and pajamas that he wore for his Sidekick Kickstarter video. His new Kickstarter project is a film called Collider, which started its 30-day campaign on the Saturday of SDCC.

Artist Alley was full of Kickstarter creators. I caught up with Jamal Igle who was advertising the launch of his Kickstarter for Molly Danger last year at San Diego. Molly Danger is now at the printers and expected to arrive in September. I stopped by Chris Moeller’s table. He had a flyer that said “Ask me about my Kickstarter project”, so I stopped and talked to him about his project to publish the third installment in his Iron Empires series full of painted art.

One person who I missed at both her artist alley table and her signing at the Aspen booth was Beth Sotelo. She has three less than 3 weeks to fund her comic book, Grump. The unique thing about her campaign is that it is a digital only reward to get the book at a $1 pledge. There is really no reason why people who like independent comics shouldn’t pledge. It really has a fun quirky feel to it like Roman Dirge’s Lenore.

Another successful Kickstarter campaign from last year that premiered last year at San Diego was The Only Living Boy. This year, David Gallaher and Steve Ellis brought issue 2. Funding the first issue through Kickstarter doesn’t guarantee that a series will continue on, so it was good to see this series continue on.

I caught up with Dave Baker about his latest project with Nick Diaz called Creaturelands. You are going to wait for the Kickstarter on this one until Dave’s rage over Man of Steel quells, but trust me when I say that when it hits, it will be legit.

I arrive home to find my backer copy of Cromwell Green. Getting my copy of the gothic quirky comic was the perfect ending to my San Diego Comic-con Kickstarter experience.

Source: Bleeding Cool: Kickstart From The Heart - Wrapping Up San Diego Comic Con

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