The Premise

Monster Elementary is a fun, witty, comedy/adventure comic for children of all ages featuring five monster children based on classic monster movie archetypes.  These five monster kids are forced to attend a human public school after their monsters-only private school is raided by the FBI. To their surprise, they're not allowed to eat any of the other students.  The monsters’ adventures and experiences hiding their identities and growing up are the focal point of the book. 


Monster Elementary Class Photo
The Characters
Desmodus by Caanan Grall



Desmodus is a vampire that looks down on humankind. He is the leader of this group. He loves being a monster and all the powers and privileges that come with it. Des wears a daylight ring that allows him to walk safely in the sunlight. 




Lukos is a werewolf and Des' best friend. He usually has to rein Des in and keep Des from doing anything drastic. Lukos has developed an unhealthy addiction to juice boxes. 

Lukos by Bobby Timony
Francesca by Lee-Roy Lahey

Frankenstein Monster


Francesca was assembled in a laboratory by her mother. She has a very simple view of life, a big heart, and doesn't understand why others are afraid of her.




Rags is a mummy that doesn't really know who he is underneath his wrappings. His identity issues lead him to try on different personalities. 

Rags by Christopher Tupa
Gilda by Cal Moray

Lagoon Monster


Gilda is a fun-loving lagoon monster. She has an untainted view of her world and has never even considered what other people might think of her. Gilda proudly and happily marches to the beat of a different drummer.

Vanessa Elle Sing

Monster Hunter


Vanessa is a human child obsessed with conspiracy theories and the supernatural.  She is the only human who sees the monsters for what they are and takes every opportunity to try and convince others of their true identity.

Vanessa Elle Sing by Lee-Roy Lahey
Volume One Stories 

Monster Elementary follows the traditional all-ages comic book format of short stories within the larger book.  

Monster Elementary
Why Am I Different?
Addicted to Juice
Blood Drive
Ghost Penguin
Demon Boy
Dolly Games
Party Animal
Francesca and the FBI Manhunt
Volume Two Stories 

Monster Elementary and the Egyptian Curse! continues the tradition of short stories within the larger book.  

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Juice Police
The Break-In
Ball Games
Ghost Town
Family Tree
Kobal Returns
Night Lights
Christmas for Desmodus
The Egyptian Curse!